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Invite friends, earn $ICX together

Generate dividend points for you and your friends for each time that a prediction is placed by them on FutureICX. Use your unique link to invite your friends over message or email.

Your friends spend :
The earnings are calculated automatically.
You earn :
The earnings are calculated automatically.
Your friends earn :
* The exact amount of dividends earned also depends on the amount of the total weekly dividend points and the size of the weekly dividend pool

About referral

Help us spread the word about FutureICX and receive a higher share of the dividends pool for each additional player that you bring in!

By taking advantage of our affiliate system every player has the option to invite friends, followers or aquaintances and receive extra dividends for each prediction that an affiliated player places. The points generated by those players operate in the same way as the personally generated ones - the only difference is that the affiliate generated predictions give half the amount of points and decay twice as fast as the personal ones